Lee Kwang Soo has given a rather unique wedding present to the producer of “Running Man”!

On May 27, singer Sook Haeng uploaded a video with the caption “The day Myuk oppa gets married” on her Instagram. The video was taken at the wedding of “Running Man” producer Kim Joo Hyung, who is nicknamed “Myuk PD.”

The video shows “Running Man” star Lee Kwang Soo celebrating the wedding with his characteristic and hilarious dance skills. He maintains a serious face as he dances, limbs wildly flailing about, but the guests and Myuk PD can’t hold back as they burst into laughter.

You can watch Lee Kwang Soo’s amazing dance for yourself below:

A video posted by 숙행 sookhaeng (@sookhaeng) on

The gift of laughter makes a wedding present. Congratulations to the newlyweds!

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