The December 16 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s idol rebooting project “The Unit” was packed with creative stages by the male and female contestants.

All of the remaining 90 contestants were given the third mission to self-produce their next performance. They were divided into vocalists, rap/vocalists, and performers, and had to be responsible for the choice and arrangement of their song, choreography, wardrobe, and overall concept. Two teams in the same category would be pitted against each other.

The male vocalists were the first to perform. The Green Team—Lee Geon, Jungsang, Jeup, Chaejin, Sangil, and Hyukjin—sang EXO’s “Miracles in December.” They had many members who were good at harmonizing and who could sing at a high pitch. However, four days before their performance, four of their original members were eliminated during the first round of eliminations, as revealed in last week’s episode. Despite these difficulties, they sang a beautiful rendition of this winter ballad. Jeup was No.1 in this group with the highest number of votes.

The Yellow Team—Dongmyeong, Lex, Rockhyun, Suhyun, Lim Jun Hyeok, and Taeho—went second and performed Taeyeon’s “U R.” Yellow Team members were competitive about part distributions, which led to some discord. However, it was quickly resolved after the members had a heart-to-heart conversation and came to an understanding. Rockhyun came in first with the most amount of votes.

In the end, the Yellow Team won with just four more votes at 321 votes, while the Green Team received 317 votes.

Female rappers/vocalists teams were the next to compete against one another. The Orange Team—Semmi, Somyi, Yang Jiwon, Yeseul, Euna Kim, Yoomin, Yoonjo, Park Ji Won, and Kim—performed Park Jin Young’s “Who’s Your Mama.” Semmi’s talents in song arrangement shined during this mission and all of her teammates thanked her for her ideas. The group received praise from Rain as well. Euna Kim came in first with the most votes.

The Blue Team—Kwon Ha Seo, Yoojung, Janey, JOO, Chahee, and Han Areum—faced many difficulties. Many members were sick and none of the members had producing experience. They performed BTS’s “Blood Sweat & Tears,” and contestant Chahee placed first place in this team.

The Orange Team won with 383 votes, while the Blue Team received 154 votes.

Male performing teams then lit up the stages with their creativity. The Red Team—Kijoong, Jun (U-KISS), Hojung, Seyong, Feeldog, Sungjun, Daewon, Taeeun, and Rayoon—performed to the tracks from the film “Kingsman” soundtrack and Bruno Mars’s “That’s What I Like.” They were dressed in suits, holding umbrellas, and sprayed red paint on their white shirts, which drew praise from Rain and Hwang Chi Yeol. Seyong came out on top with the most votes.

The Black Team—Sunghak, Gunmin, B-Joo, Hangyul, Euijin, Timoteo, Ji Hansol, Hojoon, and Seungjin—chose Zedd’s “Stay” and VIXX’s “Chained Up” for their performance. Despite Rain’s advice to change their song, the team was unable to due to time constraints and instead tried to improve their existing performance by incorporating blindfolds and ties into their choreography. Euijin came in at No.1 with the highest number of votes.

Between these two teams, Black Team tearfully won with 315 points to Red Team’s 306 points.

See how they prepared for these stages in the full episode below! Which of these performances was your favorite?

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