MAMAMOO’s Wheein and Hyoyeon shared their impressions of each other ahead of their first day as sisters for JTBC’s “Secret Sister.”

“Secret Sister” is a variety show where female stars become each other’s sisters for 24 hours. They spend the whole day doing various activities with each other, and spend the night in the same bed, where they open up about their lives.

On Girls’ Generation, Wheein shared, “Among the girl groups, I think [Girls’ Generation] is at the top. As a fellow idol, the fact that I’m standing on the same stages as her and filming things like this with her, is sort of surreal.” She even told her manager that she had danced to Girls’ Generation’s “Wish” with Hwasa in middle school.

Hyoyeon, on the other hand, first explained, “Nowadays, I DJ at clubs at night. I can show a good example and bad example of how to enjoy it.” She then showed off her DJing skills at a club and afterwards talked about how she wanted to go clubbing with her secret sister.

Hyoyeon also talked about her thoughts on the MAMAMOO members. She commented, “I saw their energy on reality shows. I thought Girls’ Generation was the group where people couldn’t keep our energy under control, but we’re not. If I was going to compare them, they’re like a freshly caught fish.” She added, “I think it’ll be fresh for me, if I were paired with MAMAMOO. I feel like they’ll suppress me and keep me calm, like they’ll change me?”

She then brought up her secret sister to her makeup artist, who commented, “I think both of you won’t be average [in terms of energy].” Hyoyeon laughed and shared, “When the other person is more energetic than me, I get quiet.”

Watch them share their impressions of each other below!

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