On December 17, JTBC’s “MIXNINE” began the “formation battle” that would determine the second round of eliminations.

The mission songs were selected with respect to the contestants’ role models, and YG Entertainment producers participated in the rearranging of the music.

The first team from the female contestants covered Girls’ Generation’s “Genie.” Judge Yang Hyun Suk critiqued their use of high heels, saying that they hadn’t had enough time to prepare and that the heels made them tentative. The individual results were revealed for the group, with Baek Hyeon Joo taking first with 570 points.

The second team prepared S.E.S.’s “I”m Your Girl” and Yang Hyun Suk praised their choice of song, saying it was a good fit for them. Park Soo Min took first in the individual results with 556 points.

The third team chose miss A’s “Bad Girl Good Girl” and caught the judges’ and audiences’ eye with their sexy performance. Jeong Sa Ra took first in individual results with 762 points.

The fourth team had garnered attention for its inclusion of top-ranked members Shin Ryu Jin (No. 1) and Lee Soo Min (No. 2). This group chose to cover WINNER’s “Really Really” and WINNER’s Kang Seung Yoon made a surprise appearance during their recording session.

In the individual results, Shin Ryu Jin shocked everyone with her monster score of 994, putting her easily in first place among her group.

The fifth group of female contestants covered KARA’s “Honey” and put on a cute performance. However, the judges had a lot of critiques for the group. Lee Ji Eun took first place in the individual results with 684 points.

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