MONSTA X celebrated I.M’s birthday by sharing behind-the-scenes video clips and photos of their beloved maknae!

On January 26, the group released a special video in honor of I.M’s birthday, featuring random unaired clips of him and the other members from the past few years.

Highlights from the video include a clip of I.M and Jooheon eating and feeding each other nacho-flavored chips while boasting about how dangerously badass they are. “We’re not nice guys,” insists Jooheon, while I.M chimes in, “That’s right. We’re guys who eat nachos. Got that? We eat nachos at school!”

Another clip shows I.M thoughtfully gifting Kihyun and the staff members on a music video set with cans of coffee. When Kihyun asks the cameraman to film the moment and capture I.M’s sweet side, the MONSTA X rapper immediately puts on a tough act. “I just happened to find the [coffee] on the street on my way here,” he jokes. “It’s no big deal. I just picked it up off the street.”

Later in the video, I.M spends an impressive amount of time looking for a hiding place in an abandoned building just so that he can jump out in the dark and scare Minhyuk. At least his hard work pays off! (You can check out the full video at the bottom of the article.)

Each of the MONSTA X members also took to Twitter to post adorable photos and birthday wishes for I.M.

Jooheon wrote, “My younger brother, Im Changkyun, I.M, who is cute and cool and sexy. I feel secure knowing you’ve got my back. I’m so thankful that you’re always by my side to help me out and make me laugh; and I’m thankful again that you, our lovable Changkyun, were born; and I’m thankful yet again that you became part of the greatest combo of the strongest rappers, ‘KkulKkung.’ I love you, and I wish you a very, very happy birthday. Let’s rap more coolly than anyone else this year~”

Minhyuk wrote, “It looks like we’re going to be spending your birthday together on an airplane today. Hehehe, I’m going to stay by your side non-stop. Your gift is me! Our maknae, I genuinely wish you a happy birthday, and please stay cute this year too.”

Wonho posted a candid photo of I.M, Hyungwon, and Shownu in a waiting room. He wrote, “Our Changkyun, who is always a huge source of comfort when someone needs comforting. Happy Birthday, and please continue to be a person who gives strength to others in the future! Thanks.”

Leader Shownu wrote, “Maknae, Happy Birthday. I’m sorry because I want to take good care of our thoughtful Changkyun, but I feel like I haven’t been able to. Thank you for always working hard and doing your part.”

Hyungwon wrote, “My younger brother. At some point, it started to feel like you were truly my biological younger brother, and I think that’s great. Happy Birthday, and I hope you receive a lot of birthday wishes today. Don’t worry about the cold, I’ll block it for you. (What, you don’t believe me…?)”

Kihyun shared a photo of the members playing a video game, writing, “This is from when our maknae and I were on one team, and Shownu and Hyungwon were on another. We lost… let’s form a team again today, and I’ll give you the gift of victory as a birthday gift. Happy Birthday, and thanks for being MONSTA X’s maknae.”

We hope I.M had a very happy birthday!