MONSTA X’s Kihyun demonstrated his maturity as a singer by owning the stage with a song older than his age.

During the April 7 episode of “Singing Battle,” Kihyun appeared as a “hidden card” singer for Park Kyung Lim‘s team and faced off against comedian Kim Hak Do from Lee Sang Min’s team.

“The only thing I have is energy. I will perform with the energy I had back in my rookie days,” Kihyun declared.

The other guests on the show compared the ages of Kihyun and his opponent Kim Hak Do, shocked by the fact that Kihyun was a 93-liner while Kim Hak Do had debuted in the year 1993. The panelists worried about whether Kihyun would be able to pull off Kim Hyun Sik’s “Love Love Love,” a song that had been released before he was even born.

Kihyun, however, instantly turned their worries into awe. He effortlessly showcased his powerful vocals and made the audience forget about any generation gaps. In the end, he won the battle by a landslide with a score of twelve to one.

Check out their impressive performance below!

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