Look-a-likes Yoo Byung Jae and Moon Geun Young appeared on “Those Who Cross the Line”!

On February 16, the new cast members met each other for the first time. Jun Hyun Moo introduced her as a graduate of Korean literature, and she praised the historian Seol Min Seok, saying, “While I was watching your lecture, I felt like I wanted to revisit history. It was really cool to see you continue to work hard and improve.” Seol Min Seok grinned widely at her compliment, and Jun Hyun Moo pointed out, “He really likes being praised.”

When Yoo Byung Jae entered the room, he sat next to Moon Geun Young. The two revealed it was their first time meeting each other. He commented, “I was so surprised. I still can’t look at her now. Ever since I was younger, I would watch her movies. I even know her birthday. It’s May 6. [I know] because my birthday is also on May 6.”

Then Yoo Byung Jae revealed that Moon Geun Young is older than him and said, “Another fact is that some people said we look alike.” Jun Hyun Moo added, “That’s offensive!” Yoo Byung Jae said it wasn’t his opinion, and Jun Hyun Moo told her, “You can curse him if you want.”

However, Moon Geun Young good-naturedly admitted that she thought they looked similar as well. Yoo Byung Jae took the opportunity to ask if they could use a face swap app together. Jun Hyun Moo disliked the idea, saying, “She’s an actress,” but Moon Geun Young willingly did the face swap with him.

The results shocked the entire cast, and they couldn’t stop laughing at how there were two Yoo Byung Jaes on the screen.

Watch the video below to check out their face swapping!

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