Na Eun will be transforming into a Taekwondo star in the upcoming episode of KBS’s “The Return of Superman”!

In a recently released teaser, Na Eun and Gun Hoo are seen visiting a Taekwondo studio with their father, soccer player Park Joo Ho.

Na Eun looks ready for her class in her Taekwondo uniform, and she joins the class shouting “Taekwon!” in a determined voice as she goes through the moves taught to her by the instructor. She seemed to take to the sport like a duck to water, showing that she’s just as athletic as one would expect from the daughter of an athlete.

It came time for the class to break boards, and Na Eun showed her support for the older students as they took turns. Gun Hoo also wore a Taekwondo uniform and tried his hand at breaking a board, but seeing him tapping the board with his fists without accomplishing much, Park Joo Ho teased him and said, “Just hit with your head instead.”

Naeun’s outing to the Taekwondo studio will be shown in the upcoming episode of “The Return of Superman,” which will air on December 2.

Catch up with the show below!

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