NCT’s Jeno and Jisung showed off their moves in an intense dance cover of SHINee’s Taemin‘s latest solo track!

On February 16, the two idols shared a video of themselves dancing to Taemin’s new solo song “WANT.” Jeno playfully added in the caption, “Everyone, we’re in big trouble… [we’ve caught] the ‘WANT’ fever… everyone, please be careful as well… cough, I guess there was nothing we could do, since we’re ‘Taem-ddo-rol’ [a nickname for idols who have named Taemin as a role model].”

Jeno and Jisung recently appeared together on JTBC’s “Idol Room” alongside Taemin, whom they had both named as one of their role models in the past.

The new clip shows the NCT members channeling their inner Taemin as they pull off the stylish choreography in razor-sharp synchronization.

Jeno and Jisung also posted a slightly longer version of the video on Twitter, giving fans a glimpse of the idols joking around in the dance studio.