The upcoming JTBC drama “Sketch” has shared an intense first teaser video!

“Sketch” features a cast including Rain, Lee Sun Bin, Lee Dong Gun, Jung Jin Young, Kang Shin Il, Lim Hwa Young, and more.

The investigative action drama tells the story of people who work together to try to change the future and stop terrible events from happening. Detective Kang Dong Soo (played by Rain) joins forces with Yoo Shi Hyun (played by Lee Sun Bin) after his fiancée is murdered, and the pair solves cases together. Yoo Shi Hyun has the unique ability to predict events that will happen 72 hours in the future through sketches, and as a detective she puts her power to good use.

The drama’s new teaser video shows Lee Sun Bin as Yoo Shi Hyun filling a sketchbook with her drawings, and she appears to be lost in a trance. The drawings are compared with accidents and other frightening events, showing how her predictions come true. The caption reads, “The hand that draws tomorrow.”

“Sketch” will premiere on May 25 at 11 p.m. KST on JTBC.