I.O.I and Wanna One, the two project groups formed through the first two seasons of Mnet’s “Produce 101” series, have gathered to show their support for “Produce 48” in a new teaser video.

The clip begins with Lee Seung Gi, the MC for the upcoming “Produce 48” show, stating, “Nation’s producers, these are the faces you chose.” The camera then pans across the 22 idols who were selected to be in the final project groups across the first two seasons, from I.O.I looking as close as ever as they work hard to shine in their respective activities to Wanna One, who are spending their days meeting fans, making music, and enjoying their time together as a group.

As each person is shown, an audio clip of the speeches they made during their respective season’s finale is played in the background. Beginning with Kim Sejeong saying, “Before, no one used to recognize me and I was just another trainee, so thank you to everyone who put me in this place, and I will make sure you only walk down a flower path” to Nayoung saying, “Thank you to all of the nation’s producers who helped me take one step closer to my dream,” Ha Sung Woon saying, “I’m so happy, and it feels like a dream. I love you,” and ending with Kang Daniel’s “I think the nation’s producers who believed in me and voted for me have helped me reach this place. I will work hard so I don’t disappoint you.”

The video ends with Lee Seung Gi saying, “Your choices as the nation’s producers were always right. Now, a new vote is beginning. Please watch over us, nation’s producers,” signifying the beginning of a new season.

Mnet’s “Produce 48” will be a large-scale project that combines the Korean “Produce 101” series with the Japanese AKB48 system, and the series will premiere on June 15 at 11 p.m. KST.

Check out the full clip below!

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