ONF appeared as guests on the latest episode of “Weekly Idol”!

The boy group showed off their adorable talents by covering girl group dances, attempting aegyo, and cringing to their own debut.

While dancing to various girl group songs, ONF’s youngest member Laun led the way. As soon as Oh My Girl’s “Remember Me” started playing, his gaze went from shy to coy, and he wasn’t afraid to show off his moves. Although the rest of the members lingered in the back at first, when TWICE’s “YES or YES” came on, they immediately rushed to the front to participate. Hyojin was the only one to remain seated with a blank expression on his face.

The next song to play was IZ*ONE’s “La Vie en Rose,” and the boys decided to just dance to it even though they weren’t certain of the choreography. Laun, the only member who actually knew the choreography, danced boldly to the song, and the other members praised him admiringly.

Chungha’s “Gotta Go” was next, and U, Laun, and J-Us immediately danced along to it in synchronization. Although all of the members did well, the hosts especially praised Laun for his dance cover skills.

ONF also showed off their aegyo with the “Yum Yum Song” during the show. When Kwanghee asked for volunteers to go first, the members remained quiet and avoided eye contact with him. Finally, Wyatt made everyone laugh by raising his hand and asking, “Is it me? Is it me? I’ll go for it!”

Wyatt showcased his cute side while singing the “Yum Yum Song,” and his members tried their best not to burst into laughter. When he was done, they laughed brightly and applauded in encouragement.

The next one to attempt the challenge was MK, who said he would sing the song in his own style. He promised to show unexpected charms, and he certainly did so by switching back and forth between cute and creepy. When he finished, Kwanghee commented, “You’re good!”

Laun volunteered to go next, and everyone cheered him on as if they had been waiting for his turn. One of his fellow ONF members claimed, “You look cute just standing there!” As expected, Laun did not disappoint, and Wyatt couldn’t stop reacting dramatically to his attention-stealing aegyo.

During Hyojin’s turn, E-Tion got on his knees as if he were praying, and when the hosts told E-Tion it was his turn, he asked, “Am I allowed to forfeit?” At the hosts’ protests, he reluctantly came out to the front and punched an invisible glass wall before starting his aegyo. But as soon as the “Yum Yum Song” began playing, E-Tion made an 180-degree transformation into a master of aegyo, and the hosts burst out laughing at the unexpected change.

ONF also reacted to their own debut stage, watching a video of themselves perform the song “Lights On.” The moment the video began playing, the members started making exclamations of wonder, and they were unable to look away from the screen. When MK saw himself on the screen, he laughed in embarrassment and demanded, “What is this? Who’s that?” J-Us commented while watching E-Tion, “You got a lot better-looking.”

The short clip of the past came to an end, and Kwanghee asked how they had felt back then. Hyojin replied, “We couldn’t describe it in words.” U said that it finally kicked in for him when he saw the seven of them on the screen in front of the stage, and he recalled saying into the microphone that could only be heard by them, “We’re finally debuting.” Laun commented, “I was happy to achieve my dream. I was happy just to be able to debut with these members.”

ONF recently released their third mini album “We Must Love,” featuring their title track of the same name. Check out the music video here!