In a new behind-the-scenes video from JTBC’s “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” Park Bo Young shows off her acting chops for both tough fight scenes and emotional, tearful scenes.

In the video, viewers can see Park Bo Young practicing the choreography for her fight scenes repeatedly for her memorable 1 vs. 30 battle from a previous episode. She practices her scenes with her manager, who laughingly complains that he feels like he is used for target practice by Park Bo Young all the time. Park Bo Young pats her manager on the back and thanks him for helping her memorize the choreography.

The cast and crew members on set laugh as the actors ad-lib parts of the fight scene for humorous effect; however, Park Bo Young later had to gather her emotions for a tearful scene in which she cries over Park Hyung Sik, whose character is stabbed while trying to protect Park Bo Young’s character. Viewers can see Park Bo Young cry on command and stop immediately after the director yells “Cut,” drawing attention to her impressive acting abilities.

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Watch the behind-the-scenes video below!

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