The second teaser for Mnet’s upcoming variety show, “Super Intern” has been released!

On November 7, a teaser video for JYP Entertainment’s show to select new talented people to work for them was revealed. Previously, Park Jin Young emphasized that academic credentials, gender, and personal connections doesn’t matter because he won’t be looking at any of these.

In the video, Park Jin Young talks about how to write the application letter. He says, “When I say I won’t be looking at other normal qualifications, it means that I will be looking at the abilities of the individuals more.” He points out, “You only need to write one thing on the application letter. The ‘analysis of JYP’s SWOT.’ Analyzing the S(Strength) and W(Weakness) will be a diagnosis of JYP itself. Analyzing the O(Opportunity) and T(Threat) will be a diagnosis of the environment surrounding JYP.”

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#슈퍼인턴 #no스팩 #mnet #JYP #SuperIntern 스펙을 안 본다는 것은 능력을 안 본다는 것이 아니라 능력을 제대로 보겠다는 의미입니다. 보시다시피 입사지원서는 SWOT분석 하나만 봅니다. 이것은 한 마디로 지금의 JYP와 JYP를 둘러싼 환경에 대한 진단을 어떻게 하는 지 보겠다는 것입니다. SW분석은 JYP에 회사 자체에 대한 진단이겠고 OT분석은 JYP를 둘러싼 환경에 대한 진단이겠죠. 이번 프로그램을 통해서 뛰어난 인재를 정규직 사원으로 뽑는 것이 1차적인 취지이지만 사실 이 경험을 통해 느끼고 배운 것들을 가지고 회사의 공식 입사시스템을 개혁해보고 싶은 것이 근본적인 취지입니다. 많이 지원해주세요! As you see, application requires only one thing, SWOT analysis. It'll show how the applicants diagnose the current JYP and it's surrounding circumstances. SW analysis will be a diagnosis of JYP itself and OT analysis will be a diagnosis of the circumstance surrounding us in our industry. The goal of this show is to find a brilliant new employee but also to find ways to upgrade our official recruiting system. Please apply!

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Applicants for “Super Intern” can apply until November 18 on Mnet’s website. The selected ‘super interns’ will go through a six-week training period and solve missions. The final contestant will be employed as a full-time employee of JYP Entertainment. The program is slated to air in January 2019.

Stay tuned for more updates! You can check out the second teaser below.

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