Park Seo Joon takes misunderstanding to a new level in a new preview for tvN’s upcoming drama “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?”

The actor will be playing the narcissistic Lee Young Joon and Park Min Young will be portraying his faithful secretary of nine years, Kim Mi So. Based on a popular web novel, “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?” is a romantic comedy that explores what happens when Kim Mi So decides to leave her position.

In the latest preview, Park Min Young tells Park Seo Joon that he looks perfect when he asks at a formal event, despite her being fed up with his narcissism. Park Seo Joon’s obsession with himself doesn’t stop there as he once again asks Park Min Young, “Aren’t you blinded?” When she comments, “By the sun?” Park Seo Joon declares, “No, by my aura.”

In a voiceover, Park Min Young can be heard saying that she’s going to quit her job. Thinking to himself, Park Seo Joon questions, “What could possibly be the reason? Secretary Kim had tears in her eyes.” He suddenly stands up, saying, “Secretary Kim likes me.”

“What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?” will premiere on June 6 at 9:30 p.m. KST.