PENTAGON, who is recently starring in NewsAde’s short video series, has taken on a new challenge!

Many groups like TWICE, SF9, GFRIEND, and KARD have attempted the “Part Switch Dance,” where the members switch parts in choreography. Although idols are in perfect sync when they perform on stage, the segment often reveals that they don’t know their other members’ parts as well!

In the video, nine members of PENTAGON (Jinho was absent due to a conflicting schedule) picked randomly to see whose part they would get. Kino and Hui got lucky and got their own parts, while everyone else switched around.

Although PENTAGON themselves thought they weren’t doing very well, laughing at each other’s mistakes (Shinwon was particularly lost, to his leader’s amusement) and yelling at each other over the music, the production staff was quite impressed, writing that PENTAGON might have produced the segment’s greatest result yet.

Watch the video below!