PENTAGON’s Hui made a splash with his first appearance on Mnet’s new music battle show “Breakers”!

The idol appeared as a new contender on the May 4 episode of the survival show, which features singer-songwriters competing against one another with live performances of their own self-composed songs.

Hui entered singing the hit “Produce 101 Season 2” track “Never,” a song that he personally composed. As the other contestants grew visibly nervous upon his arrival, Hui remarked, “I’m excited to be able to show off something of my own while singing and dancing at the same time. I really want to put on a colorful, multi-faceted performance.”

The contestants proceeded to perform “demo versions” of their self-composed tracks for the episode, giving each other brief glimpses of what they’d prepared for the battle ahead. Hui selected OFFONOFF’s Colde as his battle opponent, and the two went on to face off during a live performance in front of a studio audience.

Although some of the other singer-songwriters had expressed their doubts about Hui’s demo for his track “Navigation,” those doubts vanished the moment that the PENTAGON leader kicked off his live performance of the song. Fellow contestants JooYoung and Cha Ji Hye, who had earlier remarked that they were unimpressed by the song, both expressed surprise at his impressive performance and praised his singing skills in particular.

Once the audience votes were tallied, Hui emerged the winner of his battle, managing to triumphantly enter the Top 4 in his very first week on the show.

Check out Hui’s live performance of his self-composed song “Navigation” below!

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