On May 19, “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food” dropped one last making film for the drama.

In the first part of the video, Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae Jin are filming Jung Hae In’s shirtless scene in the kitchen. However, Jung Hae In is nervous about taking off his shirt and tells Son Ye Jin, “I’m going to hug you really tight” and she laughs and says, “So they can’t see your stomach?”

Nonetheless, the cast and crew are audibly impressed when the shirt finally comes off, but the scene doesn’t go smoothly at first because they dropped the beer cans they’re supposed to drink. As a result the foam goes flying everywhere and both actors broke character to laugh at each other.

The second clip focuses on the last scene that Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In filmed for the drama, a romantic kiss on the beach. Jung Hae In keeps Son Ye Jin’s spirits light by teasing her, “Don’t cry, noona” but ends up crying himself when he hugs the director. After the cast is presented with flowers and music from the crew, Son Ye Jin also sheds a few tears.

“Our last filming was in Jeju Island and honestly I didn’t want to come [because I didn’t want it to end],” Jung Hae In said in an interview. “I’m happy that our characters were able to find love again. At the script reading I said that I wanted to have a happy shoot, and I think we were able to achieve that. I hope that the viewers were happy as well.”

Son Ye Jin said, “This is a very meaningful project to me in my life. I think that I will have a lot of regrets and emptiness when it ends. I felt so many things as Jin Ah, and I think I will always remember the spring of 2018.”

Check out the video below!