The upcoming episode of tvN’s “Amazing Saturday” is set to be an exciting one with guest appearances by Red Velvet’s Joy and Wendy!

Their appearance was met with applause and cheers from the male members of the cast. During their conversations, SHINee’s Key, who is also their labelmate and senior, spoke up to add, “Usually, when someone I know comes on the show, they sit right next to me. You guys aren’t going to do that?” Joy can be heard saying, “We don’t have that many years under our belt since our debut,” to which Key quickly retorts, “Oh yes, you do,” causing everyone to laugh.

Wendy and Joy join the cast in trying to guess lyrics, and Wendy is eager to get questions right, jumping out of her seat to get a chance to guess the right answer. Meanwhile, Joy gets sidetracked by the content of the lyrics, as she gets progressively more annoyed with the man depicted in the lyrics as she repeatedly says, “He’s such a bad person.” It gets to a point where she also stands up and she says to Key, “This behavior is so shameless,” and everyone laughs as Key isn’t sure how to respond.

Wendy and Joy’s appearance on “Amazing Saturday” will air on December 8 at 7:40 p.m. KST. Red Velvet is also currently busy with promotions for their new title track “RBB (Really Bad Boy).”