The cast of “Room No. 9” had a fun time behind the scenes of their poster shoot.

The upcoming tvN drama, set to air after “Mr. Sunshine”, stars actresses Kim Hae Sook and Kim Hee Sun, along with actor Kim Young Kwang. The story is about Eulji Hae Yi (Kim Hee Sun), a successful lawyer who switches bodies with Jung Hwa Sa (Kim Hae Sook), a prisoner, and Gi Yoo Jin (Kim Young Kwang), a psychiatrist who may hold the key to switching the two women back to their own bodies.

The scenes depicted in the posters are cold and chic, but the behind-the-scenes video shows that the overall atmosphere of the shoot was fun, energetic, and warm.

Kim Hee Sun is wearing a prisoner’s uniform, while Kim Hae Sook is in a crisp suit, and Kim Young Kwang dons a doctor’s coat with a stethoscope hanging across his neck. Kim Hae Sook jokes to Kim Hee Sun that she wants to get back into the prisoner’s uniform because it’s more comfortable than the suit. Kim Hee Sun then describes that the concept of the posters is to show the story of the drama through just the posters themselves. She explains that the drama is about two souls switching bodies, so one of the posters shows Kim Hae Sook in a prisoner’s uniform with Kim Hee Sun in a suit and vice versa.

The cast also humorously describes each other’s characters, with Kim Hee Sun saying that she thinks that Kim Hae Sook’s character in this drama is the rudest one she’s ever seen the veteran actress play. Kim Hae Sook describes Kim Young Kwang’s character as tall, handsome, extremely secretive, and having the ability to kill and revive the other two characters, with Kim Young Kwang adding that he’s also clumsy. The three actors burst into laughter several times in the clip and seem to have a great relationship with one another.

Make sure to catch “Room No. 9” when it premieres on September 29. It will be available on Viki!