On November 8, 1theK aired Part 1 of SEVENTEEN’s “Ask in a Box” special.

In Part 1, the 13 members answered questions that were sent in by fans. Of course, the boys also used the chance to tease each other as much as possible.

S.Coups was asked who would make the best leader apart from him and chose Seungkwan, though when Seungkwan said that he expected it, changed his answer to Dino. Jeonghan also chose Seungkwan as the least obedient member.

Meanwhile, Joshua was asked who he became friends with first (Jeonghan because they entered the agency at similar times) and last (Woozi because he has a quiet, reserved personality). Jun then revealed that he saves all the members’ names in his phone under their Chinese names, except for The8, whom he labeled “Frog” because of The8’s love for a cartoon frog character.

Hoshi showed off his aegyo while Wonwoo compared the members to books, saying Vernon was like a mystery book while Joshua was like an English dictionary (because he helps him translate room service menus). Mingyu was like a thesis, while Wonwoo himself was an autobiography.

DK displayed his sense of humor by making weird faces when S.Coups tried to teach him how to take a selfie and said that his most commonly used phrase was, “You can ignore what I say,” especially when the members don’t react to his jokes.

Mingyu said his “formula” for good looks was Dad + Mom – opening his mouth. The8 said that the most recent Korean phrase he learned was “묘하다,” which means something odd or peculiar. However, he didn’t know the exact definition of the word and expressed it with his hands.

Seungkwan sang his Jeju Island hometown song and Vernon said he likes Seungkwan’s mother’s marinated crab as much as he liked his grandmother’s radish water kimchi.

Dino was asked how it felt to have 12 “older brothers” and he said they were always supportive and someone he could lean on. But for his next question, he was asked about the last time he said/did something just for broadcast, and picked his most recent answer about his hyungs! When asked to provide a “real” answer, he said, “There are 12 members but sometimes I feel alone. It would be nice to have a same-aged friend.”

Finally, Woozi talked about what it was like to have black hair for a comeback for the first time and the members picked their favorite lyrics he’s written.

Watch the “Ask in a Box” video below!