MBC every1 has released a special video featuring SEVENTEEN’s Woozi and Jun, in which they buy presents for their fellow members while filming “SEVENTEEN’s One Fine Day in Japan.”

The two thoughtfully go about choosing specific presents for each member, such as cute socks for Jeonghan and couple workout clothes for Hoshi and The8, when Jun comes across a wall of costumes in the store. It is then revealed that Jun expressed interest in cosplay in a separate interview with the production staff, which explains his excitement over the interesting costumes. The two come across a carrot costume, which Jun ends up wearing later as they dole out gifts to their fellow members.

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN recently released a touching MV for their track “Smile Flower” as a gift to their fans. Plus, “SEVENTEEN’s One Fine Day in Japan” aired its first episode on March 31.

Watch Jun transform into a carrot Santa Claus in the video below!