Updated April 16 KST:

SF9 has dropped a second teaser for the music video of their upcoming title track, “Easy Love.”

The new video was released by FNC Entertainment on their YouTube account on April 16 and is titled “After Effect.” The members can be seen walking around a mysterious location with a short snippet of the song playing in the background.

Check out the teaser and let us know what you think “After Effect” is referring to!

Original Article:

After releasing several batches of coded teasers, SF9 has finally dropped an MV teaser for the title track of their upcoming mini-album, “Breaking Sensation.”

The title track, as revealed in a previous teaser, will be called “Easy Love.” The brief teaser, titled “Breaking Heart,” is proving up to be as epic as the coded teasers promised, with several of the boys locked down in what looks like a concrete bunker full of hacker-style computers. The end of the clip also briefly features some sweeping electronic instrumentals that may appear in the final track.

Watch the teaser below!