On the November 27 broadcast of JTBC’s “Idol Room,” WINNER’s Song Mino appeared as a guest. He is the third solo artist to do so, following BIGBANG’s Seungri and Sunmi, and the hosts of the show, Jung Hyung Don and Defconn, said that, like the solo artists before him, Song Mino has to shoulder all the pressure of filling the 60 minutes of the broadcast.

To help, they said he talk about his fellow members, and Song Mino readily obliged.

To start, Song Mino said the WINNER members are very supportive. “Yesterday, Kang Seungyoon brought around 300 cups of coffee to where I was filming.” In contrast, he said, Lee Seung Hoon doesn’t have a warm bone in his body. “We live together, and when we’re back after finishing work, he’ll say [formally], ‘You worked hard.’” Lee Seung Hoon also eats by himself. “When we eat together, we’ll normally get something delivered. So when you get the food, there are different things you need to unwrap. As the rest of us are unwrapping everything and getting ready to eat together, he is already digging in.”

When asked about which member is the most tactful and thoughtful, Song Mino says he’s the best. “I’m way above the other members.” For the WINNER member that is the most difficult to have a conversation with about current events, Song Mino named Jinwoo, quietly pointing at the ground to indicate that Jinwoo’s knowledge of current news is rock-bottom.

Lee Seung Hoon made a surprise appearance on the show, both confirming and denying what Song Mino said about him. The hosts mentioned Song Mino’s comments about Lee Seung Hoon being all business and being very formal even to his members, and Lee Seung Hoon replied, “Honestly, even if Mino has to sell out the members, I want him to be fun on TV. You have to. This is the time to sell people out, and talk about them behind their backs. He needs to talk about and step on people to live. We’re okay with that.”

The hosts also confronted Lee Seung Hoon with the fact that he’ll start eating on his own when everyone got food to have together. He just said, “It’s true. But I ordered the food and I paid for it, so I think the younger members can at least unwrap.” Song Mino, appalled, said, “You paid for it? He’s totally lying.” Changing his story, Lee Seung Hoon said, “I mean, I went and got the food.” Song Mino again protested, saying, “Our manager did that.” The hosts jokingly took Lee Seung Hoon’s side, rendering Song Mino speechless.

Block B’s P.O, Song Mino’s best friend from high school, also made an appearance on the show. P.O said that he approached Song Mino to become friends. “Song Mino showed up with blond hair on the first day of school,” said P.O. “[Other kids] were hesitant to be close to him, but I approached him and said we should all be friends.”

The hosts told P.O about Song Mino’s comments earlier in the show about how P.O stole character personality in “New Journey to the West.” P.O simply responded, “He should’ve protected what was his then.”

When Lee Seung Hoon shared a comment by Song Mino in which he said that P.O was more popular in school but that he’s more popular now after debut, P.O said, “As Song Mino’s closest friend, I have to say that the fame has gotten to him a little bit. I can tell just from looking at his pictures, but I’m going to talk to him about it later when he’s gotten better.”

“Idol Room” dug up an old collaboration from Song Mino and P.O from when they were in high school, called “Dear My Wife.” The two artists cringed from embarrassment, but explained that the song was something they had written out of their love for hip hop before they even started dreaming of becoming celebrities. After listening to the song and being unable to keep from laughing or making sour expressions, the two gave fans a little throwback performance of the track.

Watch Song Mino and P.O’s performance of “Dear My Wife”: