Song Il Gook’s beloved triplets have sent a sweet message to their friend Daebak!

On April 30, Daebak’s mother Lee Soo Jin shared a video that Daehan, Minguk, and Manse had sent to Daebak.

In the video, the boys sit on their play mats and say, “Daebak, we miss you!” Minguk says, “Louder!” and the boys repeat it. Manse then turns to Minguk and says in concern, “The baby’s going to be surprised [at the noise], he’ll cry!”

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Lee Soo Jin writes a message from Daebak, Seol Ah, and Soo Ah in the caption in English, “‘Daehan, Minguk, and Manse, let’s meet again and play soon! We are missing you a lot!’”

She then uploaded a clip of Seol Ah watching the video while yelling at the phone, “Oppa! Don’t you miss me? I miss you! Oppa, what are you doing?” She then turns to her mom and says sadly, “They’re only calling out for Daebak.”

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The Song triplets and Daebak and his sisters, who all live in the same neighborhood, previously met for a play date on “The Return of Superman.” Although the triplets are no longer on the show, you can stay updated on their adventures by following Song Il Gook on Instagram.