Stray Kids has shared a fun teaser for their upcoming music video!

After recently making a comeback with their mini album “I am YOU” and its title track of the same name, Stray Kids will be releasing a music video for their b-side “Get Cool” on November 14. Members Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han took part in composing and writing the lyrics for the song.

Stray Kids has given fans a sneak peek of the MV, which includes the members happily going about their day on Friday the 13th before dealing with some unlucky incidents, like slipping on a banana peel and cracking their phone, finding out that a letter stuck in their locker was just a chain letter, and losing change in a vending machine.

It looks like there may be more to the story, as a card from a fortune teller machine reads, “Your wish is granted,” and Hyunjin smiles mysteriously at the camera at the end.

Check out the teaser below!