Super Junior has reached their 13-year debut anniversary!

To commemorate this very special day, the members addressed E.L.F., and thanked them for their love from the past 13 years in a special video. They also posted on their personal social media accounts to celebrate the day.

Leeteuk said, “Hello E.L.F. Have you been well? It’s been a while. I’m filming this video because today is a very special day. Today is already the 13th debut anniversary of the great, amazing Super Junior, right? It was because of you all that we were able to always receive love for the past 13 years. Who are you all? Ever Lasting Friends! It’s because of E.L.F. that this was possible. Once again, congratulations to Super Junior for their 13th birthday and congratulations to E.L.F. I’ll look forward to the unending love and unchanging support. Though it’s our 13th anniversary, I hope that I’ll be able to send this video to you all for our 23rd, 33rd, and 43rd anniversaries. Be healthy. Love you all.”

In an Instagram post, the group’s leader commented, “After first seeing the light in the world on November 6, 2011, 13 years have passed. The reason we were able to go from a project group to a group in the long-run was because of you all, E.L.F. It was all possible because we had those who were with us the whole time from the beginning, those who left us because they didn’t like us and then returned, those who turned their backs on us, and those who joined us in the middle. We will always walk our paths. If at first, we ran towards our goal like a 100 meter race, now we will walk looking back, sideways, and forward so that we can go a little further. Let’s walk for a long time.”

Yesung shared, “We’ve somehow gotten to our 13th debut anniversary. We were able to happily promote for the past 13 years thanks to all of your enormous love. We’re going to be with you for a very long time, so please continue to support and love us. Super Junior and E.L.F. will rely on each other and have a good time together forever. We’ll work harder in the future. Thank you. I love you.”

In a tweet, he commented, “Super Junior 13th Anniversary. Thank you to the many people who watched over Super Junior. Thank you.”

Siwon remarked, “I’m here to share a very thankful, and such great news to you all. It’s been 13 years since Super Junior and E.L.F. have been together. It wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for your patience, love, and support. Everyone, thank you all once again. We will always be a Super Junior that will work hard and be with you all. I will also work hard to be this way as well. The road ahead is still long, so I hope that we will walk it together. Thank you.”

Shindong commented, “Congratulations! Congratulations! Super Junior has turned 13 years old! Already? Wow, it’s been so long. It’s been this long… we E.L.F. and us shared so much love for so long. Everyone, we’ll continue to share our love, right? I’ll guarantee something. I promise that I guarantee that you all and Super Junior will continue to have happy times.”

He also uploaded an Instagram post, with a photo of him wearing a mask. He remarked, “Congratulations to Super Junior turning 13 years old!” and used the hashtags, “13 years old,” “Super Junior,” “Because I didn’t have any photos to upload,” “Happy birthday,” “Congratulations E.L.F.,” “Congratulations Shindong,” and “Congratulations, congratulations.”

Heechul shared, “Everyone, it’s already our 13-year anniversary. Time goes by fast, right? I hope that I, the members, and you all will continue to be healthy for a long, long time. Bye, my babies!”

Ryeowook remarked, “Everyone, it’s our 13-year anniversary, right? Congratulations. I’m so thankful for our members, and for E.L.F., who gave us so much love until now. Could we have imagined that our 13-year anniversary would come? I’m so thankful. I’m hiking right now, as I’m trying to raise my stamina in preparation for concerts, albums, and musicals, to become a strong, stamina Ryeowook! Anyways, I love E.L.F., and please give us more love in the future!”

Donghae and Eunhyuk sent a message to their fans together, as a part of Super Junior D&E. They commented, “Do you know what day it is? It’s an amazing day. It’s the day that it’s been 13 years since Super Junior arrived! We’ve finally gotten to the sixth grade, and will soon be in middle school. Next year we’ll be a 14-year-old middle schooler. Over the past 13 years, we’ve made a lot of memories and there were a lot of things that happened. Thank you so much for being with us, supporting us, and loving us. Just as E.L.F. means everlasting friends, we hope that you’ll be with us forever.”

They added, “We also have a piece of exciting news! Our light sticks have our names on it! Our official light sticks came out last year when we did the ‘Super Show 7,’ but we hadn’t decided on a name then. The name has finally been decided on now. It’s ‘Super Wand’! We hope that E.L.F. from all around the world, who can easily say ‘Super Wand,’ will love it. Please don’t forget to bring it when we do ‘Super Show’ in the future. We’ll bring ours too, so that we can all wave it together at concerts or on stage.”

In a tweet, Eunhyuk celebrated by using the tag, “Super Junior 13 years, everyone die,” jokingly referring to the accompanying photo, where he is locked up and tied to a bed with a collar around his neck.

Check out the video below!

Congratulations to Super Junior!