On April 22, SM Entertainment released a hilarious interview with Super Junior’s Yesung that was recorded using an ASMR microphone.  The rules were that Yesung had to whisper all of his answers into the listener’s ear, resulting in a very personal experience.

During the interview, Yesung shared some personal and awkward information that fans might not have known before.  When asked what kind of underwear he likes, Yesung whispered, “I like wearing red undies.  My mom went to see a fortune teller and she said that my ‘Fire’ is weak.  So that’s why I’ve been wearing only red undies for the past three years.”

Yesung also talked about his music career.  He revealed that the song that made him the most money was “Sorry Sorry,” but he picked his favorite song to be “It Has to be You” because it was the song that made him the most famous.

When he was asked which member of Super Junior he would date if he was a girl, Yesung replied, “I’ll just live alone.” Following this, he was asked what Super Junior means to him, which he stated, “They are precious to me and I am thankful for them, but they are also crazy ********.”

Finally, Yesung sang an excerpt from his new track “Paper Umbrella,” from his second solo mini album, “Spring Falling.”

Check out the entire interview below!