In a new video for Dingo Studios, Teen Top members Ricky, Niel, and C.A.P visited a PC room to surprise one of their fans and play computer games with her.

According to her friend, the Teen Top fan visits PC rooms frequently and always plays Overwatch, a multiplayer first person shooter video game. Her friend said that the Teen Top fan, who is a huge fan of Teen Top’s Niel, didn’t always like going to PC rooms but started to play Overwatch because she heard that Niel really enjoyed playing Overwatch as well.

Her friend leaves the room so that the Teen Top members can surprise the fan. The fan can’t hold back her happiness and shock at seeing the members there. The members give her advice on how to play but she confesses that she doesn’t think she’ll be able to shoot anything because her hands are shaking too much. The Teen Top members and the fan have a great time playing video games together and take a photo at the end to commemorate the day.

Meanwhile, Teen Top recently released a dance practice video for their latest title track, “Love Is.”

Check out the video below!