DinDin and TVXQ’s Yunho had a blast celebrating his birthday.

On February 7, the rapper shared a video of himself performing his latest track “DinDin is DinDin” at Yunho’s birthday party, which was held at a live cocktail bar in Seoul. Yunho joined in during his performance and began dancing next to him as people cheered on.

DinDin wrote, “I suddenly got to perform at Yunho’s birthday party, Yunho suddenly walked out and began dancing, and we went to eat Korean blood sausage soup. He’s the real deal just like the Korean blood sausage soup I ate yesterday.” DinDin made a pun by using a word that means both “rich broth” and a person who’s “the real deal.”

He also said, “Ah! Let’s all live like Yunho! Passion!”

He added the hashtags, “Live life like U-Know Yunho,” “Dunia, “DinDin,” “U-Know Yunho,” “Kwon Hyun Bin,” “Austin Kang,” “Korean blood sausage soup at the end,” “DinDin is DinDin,” “U-Know is Yunho,” “Get All Right,” “The end of passion,” “Why did I perform,” “And why did he dance,” “All of this is passion,” “Happy birthday,” and “I heard wise sayings again yesterday.”

Yunho and DinDin became friends after meeting on MBC’s variety show “Dunia: Into A New World.” Since then, the rapper has shared stories about his admiration for the TVXQ member and being moved by his thoughtful gestures.

If you haven’t yet, start watching “Dunia: Into A New World” now!

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