TWICE’s Momo and Dahyun impressed as they each brought their own characters to the dance floor in SBS’s “Running Man.”

The episode of “Running Man” that aired on April 29 featured a special guest appearance by TWICE. After TWICE and the cast were paired up in a random draw, the pairs competed in activities each TWICE member is most confident in to win points.

When it was her turn, Momo suggested a dance competition. Yoo Jae Suk asked where each member ranks in terms of dance skills in TWICE, and Nayeon and Jihyo answered, “Momo is way ahead of the rest of us. Other than Momo, the rest of us are pretty similar when it comes to dance skills.” Nayeon even said, “She’s been dancing since she was three.”

Momo started things off with a solo dance performance that left everyone in awe. As they watched her, the cast looked despondent as they said, “How are we supposed to beat her? It’s impossible.” Momo then brought her partner Song Ji Hyo to the stage for a couple dance, and as Song Ji Hyo is known for being quite wooden with her dancing, the cast began to joke, “We have a chance now. We can do it!”

Out of everyone, Momo’s biggest competition ended up being fellow TWICE member Dahyun, who had everyone laughing with her interesting dance moves. Though she was not as technically skilled as Momo, her facial expressions and passion to dance to any song that came on made her one to watch for.

At one point, BTS’s “Fire” came on and Dahyun took center stage, stealing the show until Momo fired back by dancing to Sunmi’s “Gashina.” When MOMOLAND’s “Bboom Bboom” began playing, both Momo and Dahyun rushed forward, and they danced energetically to the song together. For the last song, Celeb Five’s “I Wanna Be a Celeb,” they tried to give the other TWICE members a chance, with Chaeyoung coming forward to dance, but Dahyun and Momo couldn’t hold back and stole the show once again.

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