Upcoming JTBC drama “Life” has released character Ye Jin Woo (played by Lee Dong Wook)’s version of the teaser.

“Life” is a medical drama that explores the power struggles and stories that take place in a university hospital and human stories in a university hospital. Ye Jin Woo is an emergency room doctor, while Cho Seung Woo plays Goo Seung Hyo, the chief director of the hospital.

The clip shows the hectic scene of a doctor trying to save a patient inside a hospital. Lee Dong Wook begins, “I get asked the question, ‘Aren’t you exhausted?’ the most. The next question that follows is why I chose this path. It’s because I studied how to save people with all of my might.”

The teaser hints at some of the problems in the hospital. Another doctor rests on the bed as he tries to tell Lee Dong Wook something, but decides not to. An older doctor says, “Doctors die due to exhaustion. How hard would it have been for him to commit suicide?”

Cho Seung Woo angrily shouts, “You guys kept quiet until you got caught, and now you’re saying things like ‘poor kids?’”

In the final scene shown, Lee Dong Wook says, “April 5, 2018. DOA [dead on arrival]. Tonight, there are currently two. One died after being stabbed by the words of a junior he trusted.”

Holding up a black suit, he continues, “It must’ve been a really hard day. Your final day when I said harsh words.”

“Life” premieres on July 23 at 11 p.m. KST. Check out the teaser below.