VICTON and DreamCatcher both took on some of the classic and new dance challenges on “Weekly Idol”!

On the May 23 episode of the show, both VICTON and DreamCatcher appeared as guests.

VICTON got the chance to perform their new song “Time of Sorrow” for the first time on the show! They performed it not only at regular speed but also as part of the “Weekly Idol” rollercoaster game, where the song is sped up and slowed down at the will of the staff. Nevertheless, the group managed to pull it off, and the hosts announced that they passed the challenged!

Watch their first performance of “Time of Sorrow” as well as the rollercoaster dance version below:

In addition, the group also took on the classic random play dance game where they were tasked with dancing to the choreography of their title tracks as they were played at random.

The show also mixed in some of the songs they’ve covered in the past, including “Beautiful” by BEAST (now Highlight). However, they seemed to be unable to recall the choreography, so Chan yelled that they should all just jump along. They got caught when Subin ran into the corner to hide, and the hosts determined that they hadn’t passed the mission.

During DreamCatcher’s rookie section of the show, the members showed off their slick double speed performance of their latest song “You and I“! They also impressed with a double speed cover dance of INFINITE’s “The Eye.”

Check it out below!

“Weekly Idol” airs every Wednesday on MBC every1 at 6 p.m. KST.