The members of VIXX delighted fans with a fun rendition of their latest comeback track “Scentist”!

On April 27, Dingo Music shared their “Tipsy Live” video of VIXX performing “Scentist” at a restaurant. “Tipsy Live” is a video series that shows artists performing their songs live while enjoying a few drinks at a restaurant or bar, giving fans the chance to see their favorite singers in a more relaxed setting.

Before starting the performance, VIXX laughed as they played drinking games like the “Cleopatra Game,” where the person who fails to sing higher than the person before them has to drink. Fans were even given a special dance performance by N with tissue paper in his hand in the beginning of the video.The laughter continued throughout their performance, and the end result was a fun video that fans are sure to enjoy.

Check out the performance below!