On the May 19 episode of KBS’s “Battle Trip,” N and Hongbin went on a backpacking trip to Thailand’s Pai.

The two showed off their teamwork right away, agreeing to remain in the open at the airport instead of finding a hotel. N rationalized, “We have to head to Pai soon anyway so getting accommodations here would be a luxury” while Hongbin added positively, “This is the attraction of backpacking trips.”

N also shared why he wanted to go to Thailand, saying, “Thailand is one of the most famous healing spots for backpackers. Foreign tourists stay here up for a month or more. The cost is low and the food is good. And their Songkran holiday celebrations are famous throughout the world.”

Hongbin was put in charge of learning Thai, while N was in charge of the travel plans. For their first meal in Thailand, the two idols ate khao soi, a traditional dish in northern Thailand. Hongbin, who had ordered in Thai, said that the taste of pepper was strong and compared it to curry ramen.

In Pai, the two rode around on scooters instead of using public transit and enjoyed a nature spring, where they played a game that ended with both of them in the water. Although they were rivals in the game, the panelists commented after seeing the video that their sense of teamwork was amazing.

They also sought out Pai Canyon and N commented, “We’re usually working all the time and it’s hard to see the sunrise or sunset. On January 1, we were at an awards show. Since this is Thailand’s new year, I’m glad I could see it here.” (Thailand’s new year begins in April, which is when their appearance was filmed.)

Check out some clips from the episode below!

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