Wanna One gave back in a cute and meaningful way on Children’s Day!

On May 4, MBC Entertainment posted a video of Wanna One preparing a special gift for a young child named Hyun Joon for Children’s Day. The holiday, celebrated on May 5 in South Korea and Japan, is usually commemorated by giving gifts to children or taking them on special outings.

In the video, leader Yoon Ji Sung takes the reins of the camera as he enters the group’s dressing room. There, the members are gathered around the table putting together a stuffed animal for Hyun Joon. From the members’ comments, it appears as though Hyun Joon is undergoing treatment for an illness. In addition to putting together the plushie, the group and the charity also sent toys to the young patient and wished him a speedy recovery.

The video was put together by the charity New Life For Children, which also recorded a special message from girl group TWICE for the occasion. The animal that Wanna One put together is also the charity’s mascot, a blue bird.

Check out the sweet video below!