The Wanna One members have shown how they love to tease each other in a recently released behind-the-scenes video for the filming of their “Boomerang” music video.

The video begins with the members joking around in between scenes. Yoon Ji Sung affectionately pats Park Ji Hoon’s butt, to which he pretends to be shocked. Kang Daniel talks about how fans say he has lost weight, but that his thighs are still the same, and Hwang Min Hyun teases him by imitating his famous thigh dance. Yoon Ji Sung also pretends to propose to Park Ji Hoon by offering him a ring.Park Ji Hoon also has fun as he personally films some of the members waiting around with funny up-close shots. He marvels at how tall Lai Guan Lin is and asks him, “How many shoe lifts did you use?” to which the youngest member protests, “I didn’t use any!” and even takes off his shoes to prove it.Kang Daniel also gets his hands on the camera and pretends to be a reporter for the other members. He happens upon Park Woo Jin who is kicking around a basketball for fun. Kang Daniel hilariously uses his fingers in front of the camera to pretend to be Park Woo Jin’s adversary, and they have a quick soccer battle.Kang Daniel also goes to interview some of the other members who are resting. Puppy Tan E makes a special appearance, and Ha Sung Woon jokes, “He has something for you, Kang Daniel. Jellies!” and offers the puppy’s paw, referring to Kang Daniel’s love for jelly candy. He even gives the puppy’s paw a little kiss, then jokes, “It smells!”Kim Jae Hwan is then interviewed with Park Ji Hoon right next to him. He pretends that he has a huge secret and calls himself a victim of “dorm Ji Hoon.” He jokingly asks for his voice to be disgued and covers his eyes and mumbles about being Park Ji Hoon’s victim. Park Ji Hoon then pretends to drag him away for a private conversation.Watch the full clip below!