tvN variety show “Weekend Playlist” recently made actress Ra Mi Ran’s dreams come true by inviting Wanna One’s Kang Daniel on the show.

Kang Daniel made his appearance on the November 4 episode of the show. Ra Mi Ran was in the middle of cooking him a homemade meal with the help of Kim Sook when he surprised her with his sudden appearance. Embarrassed, she ducked under the counter, prompting Kim Sook to say, “Why are you like this?”

Kang Daniel was also shy at the sudden meeting, but Kim Sook put everyone at ease by joking, “You’re way too early. Can you go to the bathroom and come back?” When Ra Mi Ran and Kang Daniel shook hands, Ra Mi Ran had trouble looking him directly in the eyes.

She said, “I asked [the staff] not to invite you because I was worried you would be tired [from your busy schedule.]” However, he said warmly, “I wanted to meet you too.” When Kim Sook commented that he looked like he’d lost weight since last time she’d seen him, he said that he was in the middle of a diet for his upcoming comeback, making Ra Mi Ran look concerned.

Kim Sook asked him what he’d like to drink, beer or raspberry wine, and Kang Daniel received from behind her back Ra Mi Ran’s whispered signals to pick the raspberry wine. Picking up on the situation, Kang Daniel picked the wine.

tvN’s “Weekend Playlist” stars Kim Sook, Ra Mi Ran, Jang Yoon Joo, and Lee Se Young and airs every Sunday.

Check out the video of their first meeting below!

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