Wanna One members Yoon Ji Sung, Lee Dae Hwi, and Ha Sung Woon surprised viewers by appearing on the KBS 2TV’s “Gag Concert”!

On April 29, the three idols individually appeared on three different segments of the weekly comedy show. According to Nielsen Korea, this episode of “Gag Concert” achieved 6.5 percent in viewership ratings, which is an increase compared to last week’s 5.8 percent.

The first segment called “Beauty Ing-side” (literal title) was about a wife and her husband who goes through multiple transformations. After a couple surprising transformations, the audience cheered when they saw Ha Sung Woon.

When the comedienne expressed happiness that Ha Sung Woon was here, he stayed true to his character and said that he wasn’t the Wanna One member but her husband named Byung Chul.

She made him jokingly promise that if he came on the show to sing, dance, and promote Wanna One, then he would have to walk down the aisle with her. Wanna One’s “Boomerang” then came on the speakers and he joked that he didn’t know this song very well.

After watching the comedienne dance, Ha Sung Woon finally gave in and showed everyone what the real choreography looked like. When she said that they should now go get married, he objected by saying, “I can’t. There isn’t much of an age difference between you and my mom.”

She jokingly got angry and he made her smile again with his cuteness.

During the segment “Dove Magicians,” three comedians turned on the TV and interacted with people on the screen.

Yoon Ji Sung then appeared on the screen and said hello to viewers. When the magician told him to come closer, he pulled him out of the screen and onto the stage. Many audience members cheered and he greeted them with his signature applause.

The magician then “hypnotized” him and made him become a puppet. He ordered him to dance and Yoon Ji Sung danced to “Energetic” and even showed off some sillier moves to a fun song.

Yoon Ji Sung was then instructed to transform into a magician. They asked an audience member to write the name of an animal on the sketchbook and Yoon Ji Sung had to guess what it was without looking at it.

She wrote “iguana” on the sketchbook and Ha Sung Woon, who was standing in the audience, gave him very obvious hints. Thanks to the help of his group member, he was able to correctly guess the answer.

Lee Dae Hwi came on the segment “Participation Show” and danced to a sped up version of “Pick Me.”

In order to woo a woman to become his dance partner, he then showed off his moves to Sunmi’s “Heroine.” He said, “These days, young guys like me are popular.”

In the end, she eliminated the other men and ultimately chose Lee Dae Hwi as her dance partner.

Which segment was your favorite?

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