“What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” has unveiled a highlight video ahead of the premiere!

The clip begins by introducing the main characters Lee Young Joon, played by Park Seo Joon, and Kim Mi So, played by Park Min Young.

The keywords used for Lee Young Joon are “vice chairman of Yooil Group,” “perfectionist,” and “narcissist.” He is shown to really appreciate his own presence, and Kim Mi So says to him with a soulless tone, “I have never seen someone as perfect as you throughout my entire life.”

Kim Mi So is described as “perfect secretary of nine years,” “29th year of being single,” and “legend of the secretary world.” She says to Lee Young Joon, “You will have to find a new secretary. I am going to quit now.”

Lee Young Joon tries to convince Kim Mi So to stay, saying, “I will promote you to become a director,” and, “You cannot find a perfect boss like me anywhere else.”

His friend Park Yoo Shik (Kang Ki Young) mentions to him that something must have happened the day that she shared her decision to quit, and Lee Young Joon recalls, “Her eyes were watery.” It is shown that Kim Mi So was tearing up because of allergies, but Lee Young Joon comes to the conclusion, “Secretary Kim likes me!”

The next scene shows Kim Mi So ranting about Lee Young Joon. “This century’s greatest narcissist. The epitome of self-love. He cannot love anyone. Because he finds himself too perfect, no one else is good enough for him.”

With a change in music, the mood shifts and hints at romance for a brief moment. Lee Young Joon remarks, “I will make a romantic and happy day like today become your everyday life. This means that I will date you.” However, Kim Mi So immediately responds with a smile, “You are not my type.”

“What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” premieres on June 6 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

Check out the comical highlight video below!

Watch a longer version below: