On April 17 at midnight KST, WINNER pulled the curtain back on their comeback preparations through a documentary film for their latest album, “Fate Number For.”

In the beginning of the film, Kang Seung Yoon explained that their album title, “Fate Number For,” was meant to represent both the number 4, which was meaningful to them as they were now four members, and the English word “for” as in “for” their fans.

The film also showed Kang Seung Yoon’s difficulties with bleaching his hair, which he did for the first time for this comeback. Despite his many complaints (which fellow member Song Mino, sitting beside him, hilariously ignored), he suffered through the scalp pain to get the look he wanted. Meanwhile, Song Mino dyed his hair green, which both the staff and his fellow members poked fun at.

The group also talked about filming in Los Angeles. Kang Seung Yoon said, “Even though we had filming and meetings every day, we thought that while we were there we couldn’t just work all the time. So every day we’d go out and look for fun stuff to do. We even played in the hotel pool.”

They also mentioned the “curse” that afflicted them throughout their career – every time they filmed a music video or held an event outside, the weather would be bad. The film then showed a few clips as evidence from 2013, 2016, and most recently 2017.

Watch the documentary film below!