WINNER’s Song Mino, Min Kyung Hoon, and the IZ*ONE members will be the first users of “Human Intelligence” in a new teaser for the upcoming variety show.

“Human Intelligence – The Most Perfect A.I.” (literal title) is a sci-fi variety show about futuristic, cutting edge artificial intelligence that launches with the question, “What happens when human intelligence (the closest type of artificial intelligence to humans) is delivered to your house?”

The released teaser defines human intelligence as “artificial intelligence that has the closest resemblance to humans.” It then shows a large white box being delivered to the homes of the IZ*ONE members, Song Mino, and Min Kyung Hoon. The celebrities show different reactions to their delivery, some excited or shocked, and others pleasantly surprised. The box is opened to reveal a mysterious person sitting inside.

“Human Intelligence” will be producing director Kim Hak Min’s first main project. He has previously worked on shows such as “Hidden Singer,” “Where Is My Friend’s Home,” “Phantom Singer,” “Hyori’s Homestay,” and more.

The variety show is slated to air its first episode in mid-September.

Check out the teaser below!

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