The only thing that may hurt as much as seeing these two characters getting beat up is seeing the actors who play them practice this scene.

On May 1, MBC’s “Tempted” revealed a new behind-the-scenes clip of Woo Do Hwan and Kim Min Jae. In it, the two actors are going over their movements for a largely one-sided fight scene with Lee Jae Kyoon that started at the end of its April 30 broadcast and continued in the finale.

Meticulous with their work, both actors repeat the same actions over and over again to make sure that they make the scene look as real as possible. Kim Min Jae films the same fall multiple times, and gets up with a smile after being given an okay.

After consulting with the staff and his fellow castmates, Woo Do Hwan also films his portion of the scene and acts as if he is receiving heavy blows to his face and stomach.

“Tempted” ended its run on May 1. Catch up with the final episode below!

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