“My Strange Hero” has released a making video showing behind-the-scenes footage of the drama!

SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama “My Strange Hero” is about Kang Bok Soo (played by Yoo Seung Ho) who was expelled from school under false charges of violence. Many years later, he returns to the school in order to get revenge, but he becomes swept up in a series of new incidents with his first love Son Soo Jung (played by Jo Bo Ah).

In the making video, the two actors are shown filming a lovely date at the beach. The director jokingly shows Jo Bo Ah how to act out the scene in which Son Soo Jung flirts with Kang Bok Soo, hitting him playfully and saying, “Try to catch me!” The two actors are then shown taking a walk on the beach while holding hands, running around, and taking pictures, showing off their playful chemistry while goofing off. When it becomes night time on the filming set, the two actors practice the kiss scene, executing it perfectly in front of the burning bonfire.

Finally, the video shows Son Soo Jung on her last day of work. In front of her students, she says, “Although I’m leaving the school, let’s all remember this: you are all flowers.” As Son Soo Jung stands in the hallway getting ready to leave, the students gather outside, saying, “Teacher, you are a flower too!” expressing their love for her. Although Jo Bo Ah makes a small mistake by accidentally dropping her bag, she still manages to finish the filming with a beautiful smile. The video ends with the caption, “Please keep watching ‘My Strange Hero’ until the last episode.”

Watch the full making video below!

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