On the April 23 episode of MBC’s “We Got Married,” BTOB’s Yook Sungjae and Red Velvet’s Joy are back home after the music video filming which took place last week.

The music video featured a cute ramen noodle “kiss,” where the couple got pretty close together before hiding from the camera. In this week’s episode, they continued their “skinship” in a totally different way.

yook sungjae joy

Joy decides to give Yook Sungjae a massage as a special event so he lies down on the mat, preparing for a refreshing and relaxing session. Instead, he yells out in surprise as Joy firmly elbows and pinches his back and legs, saying, “This is how you release tension.”

joy yook sungjae

After consulting a manual, Joy tells him, “The pelvis is important for both men and women.” Yook Sungjae looks up in surprise, asking, “Are you going to massage there?”

“No,” she says, then adds, “Why, do you want me to?” While he’s flustered, she puts his legs up in an uncomfortable pose just like the picture in the manual. Yook Sungjae proves not to be very flexible so while Joy is clearly enjoying herself, he complains throughout the whole thing.

joy yook sungjae

The massage session ends with Joy “massaging” Yook Sungjae’s armpits, saying, “A lot of tension can build up in there.”

Watch the couple below:

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