On the April 15 episode of JTBC’s “Hyori’s Homestay 2,” YoonA and Lee Hyori decided to chase away the rainy day blues with some karaoke.

During the episode, YoonA looked at the rain outside and said, “This song is perfect for a day like this” and started singing Fin.K.L’s “Blue Rain.” Lee Hyori, on the second floor, overheard her and started to sing the chorus along with her. But when she got stuck on the high notes, she decided to call her old friend and groupmate Ock Ju Hyun to sing along with them.

The two Fin.K.L members and YoonA then sang “Blue Rain” together on a Bluetooth microphone as Lee Sang Soon filmed on his phone, with Ock Ju Hyun’s voice coming in clear despite being on the phone.

Lee Hyori and YoonA also surprised their guests in the outdoor hot tub with a performance of Girls’ Generation’s “Gee.” Though taken aback at first, the guests soon enthusiastically joined in with a cover dance as YoonA led them through the moves.

At another point in the episode, YoonA went outside and sang some songs on her own, prompting Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon to muse that she must have a lot of things she wanted to get off her chest.

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