Although NCT‘s Xiaojun pleasantly surprised fans with his upcoming acting debut, some eagle-eyed fans realized that WayV dropped a major hint about it during a past interview.

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When the group tested their acting skills with playful roles, they were asked to choose which member would suit the “sad second male lead” best.

They didn’t hesitate as they all pointed to Xiaojun, “Him!Yangyang spoke for him and Winwin, “He’s an actual sad second male lead.

After their laughter settled down, Kun revealed that Xiaojun had a specific title for himself. “He’s designated himself the concept of ‘tragic male lead.’

He then made sure to clarify that Xiaojun took center stage. “He’s the lead role, not the second male lead. The lead.

With a big smile, Lucas emphasized the same point. “He’s straight up the lead role.

Now that fans have seen the poster for Xiaojun’s upcoming drama with him seated right in the center, it all makes sense.

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Check out how smoothly they all dropped the major spoiler.