At WayV‘s recent fan signing, a fan asked Lucas if he still has hopes of joining his favorite unit NCT Dream.


He’s always made it known that he’s waiting to join the unit whenever they need him. If Lucas was just a bit younger to stay within their age limit, he could’ve fit right in. He didn’t let that influence his response, though.

nct wayv lucas

Lucas can’t let his dreams don’t die that easily. He laughed as he told the NCTzen he definitely still wants to join NCT Dream. He even added that he wouldn’t mind promoting in other NCT units as well.

nct wayv lucas

As a member of WayV, NCT U, and SuperM, Lucas is on his way to conquering SM Entertainment.

No matter what, he’ll always be loyal to NCT Dream.

nct dream renjun

He may not be an official member, but he’s an honorary one.

nct dream lucas