Yesterday, NCT held a live broadcast on Instagram to celebrate their 5th anniversary. It was an extremely eventful evening as while Ten was live with Mark and Doyoung, WayV‘s Xiaojun also went live on his own Instagram account.

Mark and Doyoung held a live broadcast, and Ten joined through his own account. While they talked, there were a few instances where we could hear the conversation between YangYang and Xiaojun. They interrupted Ten to tell him that there’s a ghost in their room. Ten brushed it off, saying that if there is, it’s okay because “it’s a good ghost.” 

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Later, Xiaojun started his own Instagram Live while Ten was still on his, although they were in rooms next to each other. He explained to the viewers that he believes there might be a ghost in the dorm, and he was scared. YangYang joined in briefly to agree with him!


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This wouldn’t be Xiaojun’s first paranormal experience. He shared a personal story from his childhood that his mother had told him. He and his family were sleeping during the night when suddenly they heard a scream come from the kitchen. The next day, they asked their neighbors about it, and no one heard it. They consulted with someone who professed to see ghosts and confirmed that there were two in their house, so they moved.

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Xiaojun claimed that his dog, Bella, had “screamed” and was staring at nothing. He asked her, “Did you see anything?” He then also scolded her for peeing throughout the dorm because she had done it several times that day.

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We all know dogs tend to pee when they are excited or scared. Coincidence? We think not!

You can watch Xiaojun’s full Instagram Live below: