WayV‘s Ten reportedly is launching his very own perfume brand with his younger sister. Everything about the brand absolutely screams “Ten”.

A mysterious account, @ENLEEOfficial teased fans with a hand drawn sketch of what seemed to be the brand logo.

| @ENLEEofficial/Twitter

As Ten is known to be incredibly artistic and talented in drawing, it is likely that these sketches were done by him personally. The account also teased some perfume bottles decorated with his signature style of drawings.

| @ENLEEofficial/Twitter

Fans also realized that the official Instagram account for ENLEE follows both Ten and his sister, Tern. However, after news blew up, the account now does not follow anyone.

| @woorichil/Twitter

The brand name has been inferred to refer to the sibling’s last name, Lee, as well as the common letters in their names, Ten and Tern. Tern has also added the brand to her Instagram profile and posted about it in her stories.

Screenshot 2021-03-18 at 5.11.14 PM
| @ternlee/Instagram

According to fans, Ten has always expressed interest in perfumery. He also once shared that his hobby was making perfumes but teased that he was hiding a secret. Could this have been referring to the brand?

Where does this man’s talent end? With promotions for NCT 2020, SuperM and WayV‘s latest comeback with “Kick Back”, just how did he find the time? SM Entertainment and Ten himself have yet to officially speak on the matter.